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We are open
Monday August 21 2-6 Michelle Rivers, L.Ac. is subbing for Olivia

Monday August 28, CLOSED.

all other hours and scheduled acupuncturists are the same
Tuesday  2-6
Wednesday  9-6
Thursday 2-6
Friday,  9-6
Saturday,  9-2
Closed Sunday

Last treatment (for a returning patient) is scheduled at 10 minutes till the hour.  For example, on Monday, the last appointment is at 5:50, and then you will have about 20 minutes to rest with your needles.  If you want a longer resting time, come in earlier!  New patients need more time, so the last treatment is earlier.  Call us to schedule.

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About Us

Chico Community Acupuncture is Chico’s first dedicated community acupuncture clinic.  Started in 2010, we are thriving and blessed to offer effective, affordable, accessible care to Chico and surrounding areas.  CCA is part of a national cooperative of community acupuncture clinics called People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture (https://www.pocacoop.com/).  Visit their website for a fountain of information about people like ourselves, making acupuncture easy to access, to communities around the world.  There is also a complete listing of other clinics around the country.

We define Community Acupuncture as the practice of offering acupuncture:

  1. in a setting where multiple patients receive treatments at the same time;
  2. by financially sustainable and accountable means, whereby community acupuncture clinics depend directly on the support of the people who receive acupuncture in them, rather than on grants, donations, or other funding;
  3. within a context of accessibility, which we create by providing consistent hours, by making frequent treatments readily available, by offering affordable services,  and by lowering all the barriers to treatment that we possibly can, for as many people as we possibly can, while continuing to be financially self-sustaining.


Olivia L.Ac.Olivia Peters-Lazaro, L.Ac.

Olivia Peters-Lazaro is a licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac.) in California. She attended Five Branches University in Santa Cruz where she earned a Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. After her third year at Five Branches Olivia traveled to Hangzhou, China to study at Zhejiang University where she was able to observe Traditional Chinese Medicine being used in the hospitals. Olivia has specialized training in treating pregnant women and kids. She apprenticed with Raven Lang, a leading expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine obstetrics and pediatrics in the United States.  She interned at Nurture Acupuncture, a bay area clinic that exclusively treats women and men for fertility health.

Olivia grew up in Chico. After being gone for many years, she returned to start Chico Community Acupuncture in 2010.  She absolutley loves this town, and living in the beautiful Sacramento Valley.  Since 2012 she has served on the Board of Directors at Chico Natural Foods Cooperative.

Olivia's Clinic Hours:
Mon.      2pm-6pm
Tues.     2pm-6pm
Wed.     9am-2pm
Thurs.   2pm-6pm
Fri.        9am-2pm

Elinore Schafer, L.Ac.Elliephoto

Elinore Schafer, “Ellie”, is a licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac.) in the State of California.  In 2003 Ellie graduated from the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley. For over 10 years, she has worked as an acupuncturist, mostly in the Bay Area, including other community acupuncture clinics.  During that time she also volunteered as an acupuncturist in special needs clinics, such as the Charlotte Maxwell clinic for low income women with cancer.  She treated students and staff at Civicorps in Oakland and helped create an acupuncture clinic in a transitional hotel in Oakland.

Ellie moved to Chico in 2014.  She has a background in working with her hands: as a baker at Acme Bread Company in Berkeley and making useful functional art such as crafts and baskets (she usually give the baskets as gifts). In her free time you will find her enjoying the outdoors, riding her bike, or practicing yoga.

“The specialness of people is what makes my work fun doing acupuncture.” 

Ellie's Clinic Hours
Wed. 2pm-6pm
Thur. 9am-2pm
Fri. 2pm-6pm
Sat. 9am-2pm


Liv Jaks C.M.T.,Massage Therapist

Liv Jaks has been an active Clinical Massage Therapist since 2011.  She attended the Soma Institute in Chicago, a 750 hour clinical massage training program.  She as extensive training in Advanced Deep Tissue and Structural Integration Technique.  Specialties include Myofascial and Deep Fascial Tissue Release, Psoas Release, Chronic Pain Relief, and Injury Rehabilitation.

Contact the clinic to schedule.  $1 per minute, 15 minute minimum, 5 minute increments there after.

Rosa Reyes certified intuitive and energy healer

Rosa has studied and obtained certifications in various healing modalities (Reiki Master, Atlantean Healing Practitioner, Shamballa Reiki and Angel Intuitive) She combines them to create a very unique powerful healing experience for you.  In your session  you can expect to move out any energetic blocks and obstacles to help you live a more graceful life. Rosa can help you heal in all areas and aspects of your life. She is also a channeler so you have the opportunity to ask your personal guardian angels for any guidance. To read more about Rosa and check out her testimonials you can go to her website.

A session is typically 1 hour, $60
Contact her directly by calling or texting (530)354-0428,  Rosareyes333.webs.com

Missy Migdal, L.Ac. Offering Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal massage)

Please text or email her directly for an appointment.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For more info go to www.migdal-wellness.com

What is Chi Nei Tsang?
Chi Nei Tsang is a traditional Taoist form of healing touch therapy, which is applied to the abdomen. It is used to stimulate and manipulate muscles and connective tissue. It helps
organs like stomach, intestine, liver, gall bladder, spleen, uterus and kidneys to function more efficiently. It effects the lymph, circulatory and nervous systems located in the abdomen.

Internal organ massage is believed to release regional stress and tension, prevent stagnation of blood, improve the flow of energy into the abdominal region, allowing for detoxification and an enhanced immune system.

Who Should Receive CNT?
CNT is especially used for digestive problems like abdominal pain, irritable bowel syndrome, gall bladder pain, bloating, acid reflux, and constipation, and many other digestive issues.
People come for CNT treatments because they are ill, in pain, or experiencing symptoms of discomfort like stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, breathing problems, menstrual problems, sleep difficulties and fatigue.
Others are feeling stuck, going through deep change or needing to heal from stress and trauma. 
Sometimes people are experiencing other healing modalities (such as psychotherapy and acupuncture) and they choose Chi Nei Tsang to complement and deepen their therapy.


Karen and Megan are often the folks answering your calls, welcoming you to the clinic, and helping you with everything in the front office.  We couldn't do it without them!  We also have a regular team of volunteers who makes things happen here.  If you are interested in getting involved, please become a member of POCA.  Continue reading.

If you are interested in helping out at the clinic, ask us how!  Or, you can start by checking out POCA.org and becoming a member of the People's Organization of Community Acupuncture, a co-op designed to make acupuncture affordable and accessible to as many people as possible while providing sustainable jobs for acupuncturists and support staff.  We are always looking for folks to help with a variety of office, marketing, cleaning, and project oriented tasks. 

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