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“Help! I’m allergic to Chico!” This is a common lament I hear from people receiving acupuncture for their stuffy sinuses and itchy eyes. Living in a fertile valley with abundant pollen from grasses, trees, and flowers, allergies hit people in the area especially hard, and can prevent them from enjoying time outside. Commonly, people use over the counter antihistamines and decongestants to manage symptoms. If you are not getting enough relief from those medications, or have reasons (like being pregnant, or experiencing side effects) for not wanting to take them, you should try acupuncture! Acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment for the acute symptoms of allergies. Using acupuncture over time may prevent your allergies from becoming bad in the first place.

“Seasonal” allergies, or hay fever, can actually affect a person year round. The culprit is an overactive immune system response in the form of a histamine reaction. Histamines are released into the blood stream when you are exposed to irritants, or allergens. Histamine causes your body to get rid of or isolate an irritant: sneezing, increased blood flow to the area, and stimulating mucus membranes in the sinuses and eyes to flush out the pollutant. When you are “allergic” this process gets out of control and can make you miserable by affecting sleep, causing sinus pain and headaches, cough and general malaise. I treat people with acupuncture throughout the year for allergies. Controlled clinical trials on acupuncture for seasonal allergic rhinitis (hay fever) have shown that acupuncture reduces acute symptoms by moderating the histamine reaction.

What is the best way to use acupuncture for allergies? When your allergies are bad, get treated often: about three days per week. Once you are over the hump, you can reduce frequency. Typically ten treatments is an initial course of treatment. If you have a specific time of year when your allergies are bad, get treated for the two months before that time. This will help to optimize your immune system going into “your season.” With regular treatment patients report that their allergies are less severe, or that they are effectively managed with minimal to no medication, and periodic acupuncture.

Antihistamines for allergies have side effects including dry mouth and drowsiness, their use is controversial in pregnancy, and they may not deliver sustained relief. Conversely, acupuncture is safe to use during pregnancy and has beneficial side effects such as improved energy and reduced stress. A treatment with acupuncture may include specific points on your arms, legs, and face that clear congestion, reduce inflammation, and adjust your immune response. Typically people rest for 20 minutes to an hour. It shouldn’t hurt! Most people in my practice sleep or experience deep relaxation, and feel better when they get up.

My hope is that you recover from your allergies so that you can enjoy a healthy life, spending time outside.


Olivia Peters-Lazaro, L.Ac. is a licensed acupuncturist and Chico native. In 2010 she moved back to Chico and started Chico Community Acupuncture to make acupuncture accessible to as many people as possible to improve the health and wellness of her community.

Chico Community Acupuncture
1815 Mangrove Ave., Chico, CA 95926
(530) 345-5300
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This is an article Olivia submitted to Upgraded living in 2017

  In The News "Healing in a Pin-prick"  July 30, 2015, Chico News and Review

Boost Your Child's Health
Full Moon Shonishin Wellness Treatments.
Upcoming Dates: Wednesday, February 26, 9-6
$15 per kid
for newborns through seven years old

Shonishin is the Japanese system of pediatric acupuncture.  When Shonishin is given on or near the Full Moon, a child's wellness is optimized.  A typical treatment starts with observing the child, hearing from the parent or caregiver, then brushing the channels (the meridians of energy that we are treating with acupuncture) with a seashell or other smooth object.  This regulates, clears, and balances the channels so that the child can best recover, or simply maintain wellness.  I usually stimulate a few other areas that will help the babe, possibly including in and out insertion with special pediatric acupuncture needles.  Most kids, especially babies, are fine with needles!  Full Moon Shonishin Wellness Treatments are for infants through about 7 years of age.  The clinic will be closed to everyone but you and your kids!  So they will have full run of the big treatment room.  Snacks, noise, and toys are welcome.  
I treat kids regularly at the clinic, and you are welcome to schedule a regular treatment for your kids anytime they need it.  If they are very young, or you come in as a family, you will be treated in the back room, so you can make noise.  When they get a little older, say 7 years or so, most kids get treated in the "grown-up room" in a chair of their choice, and sit with their needles for about 15 minutes.  Kids can get treated for the aches and pains of growing, colds, ear-aches, teething, night terrors, poor digestion and much more, just ask.

Olivia was interviewed with Kristy Ayala on optimizing health with the seasons and more.  Please listen, we think you'll like it!  Kristy's Connection to the Soul, blog talk radio



Autumn Health Tips
“Fall is the season of harvest, a time to pull inward and gather together on all levels, a time to store up fuel, food, and warm clothing, a time to study and plan for the approaching stillness of winter.  Everything in nature contract and moves its essence inward and downward.  Leaves and fruit fall, seeds dry, the sap of trees goes into the roots.  The earth’s grasses start to lose their deep green color, turning lighter and drier.”  From Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford
In Traditional Chinese Medicine there are 5 elements and a season and organs associated with each:  Winter-Water-Kidneys, Spring-Wood-Liver, Summer-Fire-Heart, and Fall-Metal-Lungs.  The above passage reflects the quality of the Autumn time.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine our Lung Qi (healthy energy) is associated with our immune system.  This is an important season to support the health of your Lung Qi so that they are better able to fend off colds and flu's and associated problems this Winter.  Firstly, getting 3-4 acupuncture treatments to build the immune system (the Lung Qi system) is a great benefit. Other things you can do to support your health this season:
Wear a scarf.  One theory as to how people catch colds or the flu, is by “invasion of wind.”  According to Chinese medical philosophy, wind penetrates the back of the neck, bringing with it external pathogens which can lead to illness.  Cover up with a scarf and jacket especially after sweating or if it is windy, even if you think you don’t need one.
Eat right for the season.  Autumn is the harvest season for rich dense foods that support and fuel the body, providing additional heat to protect us from the coming cool, damp climate. These foods help “thicken” the blood in order to keep us warm in cooler weather.  Also add foods that are sour into your diet – sauerkraut, olives, pickles, leeks, aduki beans, lemons, and sour varieties of apples.


Chico Community Acupuncture in Stained Glass



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"Community Healing"  check out the feature article about our clinic in the Chico News and Review.


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